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 “I was privileged to hear and interact with Jason Wasser at Limmud Atlanta and the Southeast conference in August  2015.  He is a very intelligent young man and gifted speaker who appears to have worked with people of all ages in his profession as a Marriage and Family Therapist and speaker . What distinguished Jason from many of the other speakers that weekend is that he draws from many different modalities  and his personal life experiences to engage and empower participants. It is apparent through the many personal examples he gave, that he is highly trained , intuitive and competent to help his clients to not only find solutions to their problems , but to use these solutions to continue to grow.”
Janice M., Atlanta, Ga

 “Jason’s enthusiasm for presenting vital information is contagious.  He connects with his audience, is responsive to questions and makes every moment count”.
Laya S., Hollywood, Florida

” I recently heard Jason speak at a Young Professionals event speaking about the tools for successful relationships. He has a talent for taking complex concepts and simplifying them. His workshop was engaging and relatable.”
Rachel R., Miami, Florida

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“Jason is a powerful of information and passion. I always walk away from his presentation a fuller and richer person”.
Lily R. Hollywood,Florida

“As a speaker and teacher, Jason was awakening and inspirational. He was able to tap into that part of myself that I had forgotten was free and powerful to take charge in my life”.
Randy C., Atlanta, Ga. 

“Jason is awesome. I recently had a brief NET experience with him and it was amazing! At first, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into because I was a demo in a short presentation he gave… But let me just say, “life changing”! I walked in being highly fearful of spiders and now interested in learning about the creatures. Not to mention, it has been transferable to all insects. Now, I can see insects and not flinch or become disgusted. Overcoming this fear has truly been inspirational and insightful! Thank you Jason!”
Erika G., Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 

“I had been doing EMDR for about 1.5 years until I reached a plateau. At this point, I felt somewhat hopeless because it was apparent that there were unresolved traumas still lingering. My research began and came across NET, I was skeptical but still decided to call a few therapist and overall be open to the idea. I contacted Jason Wasser, spoke to him for a bit and told him I’d give him a call back after doing more research. Before my first session, he had me fill out a wellness check questionnaire online where I was able to see all the problematics areas currently existing in my body – I was shocked! Most of them were in red meaning they were over 12 points and required attention.

After roughly 4 sessions, exactly a month later, I re-took the questionnaire and all the reds are gone and only a moderate yellow remains. All of sudden my body/emotions balanced out and these triggers/energy blockages were no longer present!”
Adonis M.

“Heard amazing feedback from the kids about your presentation from both divisions at Miami Country Day School including some that wish they had signed up for your workshop because they heard from others how awesome it was!  The little ones couldn’t stop saying how nice you are!
One of our colleagues, stopped by to rave about your presentation and said you “inspired” her to take a course at Omega Institute in New York on meditation this coming summer as part of her professional growth plan! The program director seems super excited about your enthusiasm to do future events. Had to let you know!”
Chris H., Teacher, Miami Country Day School

“THANK YOU!  You provided such an informative session for our students and teachers.  We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to do a day-long conference with our students.  They definitely benefitted from your knowledge, and take with them strategies that will go a long way in helping them manage stress and anxiety when it comes to their learning.We know for sure that we will continue to collaborate with you, and look forward to inviting you again.”
Paule Ebrahimi, Director of Learning Services, Miami Country Day School

I just finished my first NET session with Jason and I’m blown away! He was able to address a few different underlying emotional issues in my body that had been keeping me stuck in a pain state. I was completely unaware of the specific episodes that caused my body chronic pain in the first place. Jason was able to address this in just a few minutes! I walked in with pain this morning and I’m now walking out feeling better and lighter! I highly recommend his services!!
Dr. Gena Bofshever, Chiropractor 

After 2 sessions of NET with Jason my life was changed 180 degrees!! I had been struggling with PTSD post a traumatic birth and extended nicu stay i cried daily for 11 months having NICU flashbacks… I saw Jason twice and have been great for over 1.5 years I cant express how thankful I am!
Libby C. Miami

Jason brings holistic healing a whole new name in the world of therapy and coaching. If you have tried alternatives that haven’t worked for you and you just know something is there deeper but you can’t quite figure it out, touch it, or reach it. I would suggest having a conversation with Jason to see how he can help you see what you can’t see that has been blocking you in your life. I have both personally worked with Jason and referred clients to Jason to optimize their growth, healing and development. It has been GREAT! I recommend reaching out to him to see how he can help you!
Katie Lemieux, LMFT


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