From brief lectures to workshops and weekend retreats, Jason will work with you to tailor
your events specific needs toensure that your programming meets only the highest expectations.

Lectures – Typical 45 minutes but can be tailored to each groups needs.
Workshops- Can be a multiple hour program with a mixture of lecture, hands on activities, extended Q&A, etc.
Scholar in Residence/Retreats/Seminars- Day long or weekend long programming available.
Jason is also able to lead Shabbat Services and a Musical Havdalah.


  • “Relationship Tools They Forget To Tell You About”
    This seminar is perfect for anyone looking to improve their relationships. Even if you aren’t presently dating anyone, you about to get engaged, newly engaged or already married couples, this presentation will provide you powerful new insights and tools in how to co-create a more dynamic and powerful relationship.
  • “The Do’s and Don’t of Successful Dating for Young Professionals”
    From the first contact to the first date, how not to screw it up!
  • “A Mind-Body Approach to Wellness”
    Life is full of stress regardless of if you are in school, work or have a family. This seminar teaches you the science of how our body creates stress patters and how to tackle it in 3 easy steps. (Workshop)
  • “The 5 M’s for Creating Positive Momentum in Your Life”
    Imagine that you can get the most out of each day by utilizing just 5 easy to follow steps!
    This workshop wakes the listener up to ancient spiritual wisdom to transform your day, everyday.
  • “If I Knew Then What I Know Now”
    What are the areas of life you really wish you knew more about and could skip ahead 20 years with.  By embracing both the lows and highs of your life, learn how you to actualize your potential.(Workshop/Retreat)
  • “ I Could Have Died That Day”
    Having randomly missed a tragic event where a childhood friend died, it set up chain of events that brought Jason more meaning to his life. Learn how to reclaim your life and  and make it what it can be.
  • “10 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Become The Person Others Can Look Up To”
  • Taking The Best Of The Spirituality and Self Help Worlds And Applying it to Your Life.
  • “Saying No Can Be More Powerful Than Saying Yes”
    How to life a fulfilling life and mind your boundaries by identifying your core values.
  • “The Beginners Therapist Guide To Success”
    10 things to help you stand out and sleep better at night
  • “Meditation, Hypnosis and Healing in Judaism”
    This presentation includes text study, interactive conversation and a hands on meditation that can be tailored the specific theme of your groups needs.
  • A Spiritual Look at the Laws of Attraction

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Not finding what you want above? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page and Jason can work with you to handcraft a presentation that will meet your needs.